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JUST4KIX was started to address the issues of sneaker culture: limited availability, bots, shock drops, and most importantly, having to pay high prices in the resale market. What would the sneaker culture be like if people are able to obtain the sneaker(s) they always wanted for retail or a reasonable price? BLISS.


Our founder created JUST4KIX for people like him, those who: missed out on a sneaker drop, do not and will not have a bot, for whatever reason cannot afford to pay an exorbitant amount on sneakers for sneakers (ahm...wife...ahm). We, here at JUST4KIX, believe life is too short to not experience the bliss of owning and wearing a grail (WEAR YOUR SHOES) - shoes do not last forever, and you won't always have an opportunity to lace'em up.

Sergio Parks, Founder of JUST4KIX, LLC

What Does JUST4KIX mean?

JUST4KIX = Primarily sneakers

JUST4KIX = Justice for those who love sneakers

JUST4KIX = It's not that serious to pay an exorbitant amount for sneakers

Heat Drops

Scheduled Saturdays from 11 am - 2 pm CST


     We here, at JUST4KIX pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. It is at our core to always keep the customer in mind. We take into consideration of all thoughts and concerns customers may have when shopping online, and want them to feel confident in their purchases with us. All of our products are authentic. We believe it is warranted to be transparent; therefore, here is a brief dive into our founder’s sneaker history and how JUST4KIX came to be. Our founder has always loved sneakers since the day he laid eyes on the first retro of the Air Jordan 6 “Black Infrared” (‘00) he saw his older cousin wearing one night. As a child, he was not able to wear Jordan’s because his mother did not like MJ, nor could she afford them on her own for her four boys. Fast forward several years, our founder purchased his first pair of AF1  with his hard earned money – and they were fake! At the time, he did not know, because a lot of people bought shoes from this store. A few months later at the start of his “breakout year,” his mother purchased a pair of blue snakeskin AF1 from the same place, and they got him noticed throughout middle school. It was in middle school when he began increasing his business of selling candy, and finally, made enough money to purchase his first pair of Jordan’s – the Air Jordan 9. The shoes were purchased, at Sunset West Africa, a store similar to the one he is bought the AF1’s.


     Shortly after, he bought a pair of “Black Metallic” Air Jordan 5 and a pair of “Playoff" Air Jordan 8. Eventually, someone noticed that there was a difference in the “23” on her pair (silver) purchased from a retailer and his pair (red). Then, she started telling everybody that he was wearing fake shoes – the humiliation was grand. This caused him to question the authenticity of all the shoes he had purchased, and he made a choice to never buy another pair of inauthentic shoes. In the following summer, he was able to purchase his first pair of authentic Air Jordan’s, the Air Jordan 5 Low “White Metallic.” After getting an authentic pair of Air Jordan’s, he examined and compared the authentic and the inauthentic pairs of shoes; he even examined other people’s shoes. He became well versed in distinguishing authentic and inauthentic shoes, so much so, he could frequently tell the difference when standing near someone. Our founder continues to examine pairs of shoes, because he too, misses out on release and personally buys from after-market vendors like: StockX, GOAT, and Flight Club.

      Here, at JUST4KIX, we do not want you to worry about purchasing inauthentic products or experience the pain of being humiliated. We keep you in mind, so keep us in mind by telling a friend, returning to us, or sharing us on your social media platform(s).

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